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Would you like to listen to outstanding music in the open air or cheer along at a first-class tennis event? Enjoy the variety of cultural and sporting highlights in Gstaad and the region. An ideal change to the tranquillity in the mountains and long hikes.

    Martel WINES

    Gstaad Palace

    Being fascinated by high-quality wine also implies being in love with it. It is about the appreciation for the wine itself, the wine region and the vintner’s stories. In our hotel, this love for highest wine culture is conveyed by the wine specialist Martel, which is, like the Gstaad Palace, family-run for five generations.

    From Chablais to Chardonnay, from Nebbiolo to Napa – Martel stands for a wide range of wines, including top rarities like the ones from the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Hence, for Martel, wine is not a good, it is artwork which they dedicate a lot of personal resources to, from selection to delivery to the Gstaad Palace. For decades Martel made strong friendships with its character vintners. They enhance the Martel-Team’s knowledge and passion. Thus, original producer bottling is self-evident and the base for an independent and unique range. Proudly, due to Martel, we are able to provide access to highest wine culture. At the same time our guests are provided the chance to experience entertaining wine stories and high-class wine relish.

    Not in love with wine, yet? No worries, the next magical wine evening will surely follow and convince you soon. Feel free to ask our restaurant staff.

    GreenGo goes Openair

    «PISCINE» at the Gstaad Palace

    Join us from July to August at the Gstaad Palace outdoor pool every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 8pm where cool live sounds await you, mixed by the GreenGo's creative director and resident DJ Jim Leblanc!

    «Swiss National Day» on 1 August 2021

    Gstaad Palace

    Celebrate Swiss National Day with us. The Scherz family invites you to a seated aperitif on Sunday 1 August from 19.30. Traditional Swiss music will be playing with Bernard Henchoz and his orchester. Afterwards there will be delicious a delicious four-course menu of Swiss and international specialities. The evening will then end with our beautiful fireworks!

    Palace Kids’ Grand Prix on 8 August 2021

    Gstaad Palace

    Do your children get excited about cars and fast races? Then let them get behind the wheel at the «Palace Kids’ Grand Prix». On Sunday, 8 August 2021, four to ten-year-olds can compete against each other in thrilling races. Who can steer their car most skilfully and be the first to drive over the finish line? There will be appropriate music to create the right atmosphere. Due to the temperature, the event will take place in the morning with free admission.

    Gstaad Palace-Challenge

    Fantastic cars, breathtaking views and challenging roads: the Gstaad Palace-Challenge is the ambitious weekend rally for fans of sophisticated car culture. Taking place for the fifth time this year, the starting places are exclusive and limited - sign up today!

    «Gstaad Züglete»


    On Saturday 4 September 2021, you can experience an authentic Swiss “Züglete” procession in Gstaad. Farmers and cattle come from the alp and – after a few hours of walking – enter the promenade of Gstaad. You can also expect market stands, presentations and tastings, and there is a lot for the children to discover too! Don’t miss this authentic event. Incidentally, the Gstaad Züglete takes place whatever the weather conditions.

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