Since 1913



The Gstaad Palace was built in 1913 – long before the term sustainability became established in its current form and long before anybody talked about such issues. That the Gstaad Palace sees itself as part of Gstaad and its surroundings goes without saying. The drive to act in the interests of nature, people and the environment has quite simply always been in the Palace's DNA. We know that the true luxury of our establishment lies in the unique nature that surrounds it and in the cordial spirit between our employees and our guests.

Our vision is for the long-term. We want to continue welcoming generations of families from all around the world to the Gstaad Palace, so they may benefit from the tranquility, beauty and alpine authenticity of the Saanenland for another 100 years and more. It’s what we're committed to. Read on to find out at a glance what the Gstaad Palace is doing to ensure it acts responsibly, in economic, ecological as well as social terms. And this is just the beginning – watch this space.

At the PALACE, acting sustainably means...